The Dog

This is Mickey.

Mickey Fall 09 008

This is Mickey as a puppy.

Copy of IMG_3851

I can hear you saying “ahhhh.”  Do you see our dilemma?

Mickey’s a part of our family and, yes, we are attached.  When I kneel down to pet him, he puts a paw on my shoulder, claiming ownership. Sean says that while we may think Mickey returns our love, the dog is simply invested in us because we invest in him with food and play.  Wah wah.

A common question we hear about this trip is “what are you doing with your house and dog?”  We debated many options with the house:

  • Trade it?  Too cumbersome. And surprisingly grey Seattle is not a top destination on home trading sites.
  • Rent it?  Eight months is an odd space of time to rent and the thought of packing everything up when we moved in less than a year ago was numbing.
  • Sit it?  Yes!  Ultimately we decided we needed a house sitter to stay in our house, taking care of it and Mickey.  That person ended up being a younger brother – it works out for both parties.

AND, he can send us Mickey updates while we’re on the road.  So when we hear the dog put his paw on my brother’s shoulder, I’ll know it’s all about the kibble n bits.

How Lucky Are We?


Here are two reviews of the Viking Natures Resort on Phi Phi Island in Thailand:

 “An idyllic hide-away with stunning views and clean, comfortable rooms”

 “DO NOT STAY HERE! Worst hotel I’ve ever been to”

One picture shows a beautiful beach with turquoise water and the next picture shows the same beach with trash strewn across it.  viking-natures-resort

Will the real Phi Phi Island please stand up?

The fire hose of online information is a mixed blessing.  Frankly, it was reading other rtw family blogs that encouraged me to believe that we could do this trip.  On the other hand, when 8 out of 10 people say that they didn’t appreciate Vietnam, should I consider taking that country off the list?  Information paralysis!

One family blog,, has the motto of no regrets.  I find this to be a wise stance.  In eight months of travel, there will be places, people and experiences that make our hearts expand with gratitude and joy.  And of course there will be times when we are let down and uninspired.  Regardless, whether we love every destination or not, we’ll learn from it and that learning will inform the rest of our lives.  So, in good times or in bad, with too much information or too little, I ask, how lucky are we?

In fact, I think that’s going to be our motto, how lucky are we?