One Way to Tokyo…Konnichiwa My Friends!

left turn

I expected some left turns along the way however I didn’t expect them BEFORE we hit the road.  RTW families consistently gave me the advice to travel slow and to not over plan.  I had this nagging feeling that I was failing at both…and I was.

I had every day of our four months in Japan and SE Asia planned and the pace of an average stay was five nights in each location…too brief to get a handle on and appreciation for our surroundings.

Part of slowing down is listening to your gut and last night I canceled all of our SE Asia accommodations.  Tonight, instead of purchasing the planned Global Explorer rtw tickets, I purchased four one way tickets to Tokyo.

I feel liberated!  And grateful that with life starting to slow down, I can hear myself again.

Road Schooling Part II

Education Wherever You Are

Education Wherever You Are

By George, I think I’ve got it! For many of you, this will be a dull post. However for those with wee ones who dream of an escape, this is a practical post. Here’s the approach for taking a year on the road while still paying homage to the Seattle Public School system, so, you know, your darlings will graduate and go on to accomplish great things.

1. Fill out the Declaration of Intent to Homeschool: and submit to the school district. I was happy to hear that as a college graduate, I qualify to homeschool my lucky little ducks. Poor mallards.

2. Home school my nuggets! Easier said than done, however between Khan Academy,, and Stanford online,, to handle the math and science, I am covering the reading and writing based on where we are in the world. And I’m relying on Japan, SE Asia and South America to add a little art, music, language AND confidence building along the way!

3. Re-enroll the monkeys in the Seattle Public School system in early spring of 2014 for the 2014/2015 school year.


Here’s what I know from a life in business, when strategy is implemented, the unplanned gaps appear. So stay tuned for the “solves” along the road.

On a different note, here’s a tease of one of the places we’re staying in Thailand in the national park of Khao Sok: Monkeys and spiders and snakes…oh my!