We’re a family of four filling a dream (well, momma’s dream) to put on a backpack and travel the world.  Kyle (dad) was an engineer turned stay at home dad turned wood working school graduate.  Rachel (mom) was born with a briefcase and has spent 20 years in corporate america.  Sean and Julia are eleven year old twins and 6th graders who amaze and challenge us on a daily basis. Rachel works for a wonderfully progressive coffee company that offers employees a year off — a “coffee break” — after ten years of service.  This blog follows the joy and the pain in both planning and living our coffee break!

My 3 Favorite People

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  1. How wonderful! You are right time is fleeting and there is no better time then now!, I can’t wait to follow your adventures! Congratulations on your brave decision.

  2. Rachel, This is so wonderful. I had no idea. I lived in Japan for 15 months back in 1991-92. Blessings on your journey. I am going to follow your adventure. I love that you are doing this! Awesome. Have a blast. Enjoy every minute. Travel mercies.


  3. Look forward to following your journey! Your kids are at the PERFECT age. We traveled with a ten year old who turned 11 two months after our departure (also a 5th grader). It really was an ideal time to see the world and she could see, do and engage in everything that we wanted to do. By contrast, our 8 year old was still a tad too young to appreciate our journey in the same way as his sister!

    Enjoy every moment!

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