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23 Dec 2013

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a city in Thailand that is really modern and has movie theaters and water parks and stuff like that. It is a party city and it is were the Bangkok Elite go on there vacations and has a giant mall and big beaches and is very touristy.

There are also these boats called banana boats that you sit on and the driver turns the boat and tries to make you fall off of them. The mall is big and is probably the main attraction in Hua Hin. My parents decided to leave early because they hated the city and that was mean because there are water parks and golfing and malls and a bunch of other stuff and we could not go there which was disappointing.

There was also a city called Prechuap which my parents loved but I hated because it was just a tiny town with nothing in it and the only food that you can live off of was 7-11 food. There were also beaches with inner tubes that you could rent and you could ride the waves on them, and there were beach chairs and food you could rent (well, you couldn’t rent the food, of course).


16 Nov 2013

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a small town that is very famous. It is next to the mekong river which is one of the biggest rivers in the world and it has many temples (or wats (or vats as they call them)). Luang Prabang is a big tourist destination and has many tourist activities like riding elephants. Luang Prabang also has many tourist based restaurants so you can have local food and American (or French). Luang Prabang’s main attraction is the temple on top of the hill. Which is very touristy and busy and not that interesting as the other temples. There is also a museum at the bottom of the hill which used to be the royal palace but now is a very fancy museum and temple.

19 Sep 2013

The Hot Windy Subway (with air-conditioning)

The subways in tokyo are crazy. Really crazy. Really really really crazy. There are 13 different subway lines and 30 metro lines so I don’t see how the locals get around.


The difference between the two is the subway is underground (duh) and the metro is above ground (duh).

The subway is baking and gusty because the trains go really fast (about 60 mph). The boiling blowing wind is really strong so you’re always dropping things in the subway and at the metro stations.

The ticket machines are not always easy to understand because some are broken and some are for special passes only. The ticket machine also has an english button which is nice. The locals have these weird passes that get them through the ticket machines. Everything is supposed to be in english but some stuff is not (signs).


In our family I am pretty much the only one who knows how to buy tickets. When we are buying tickets we’re usually arguing over what ticket to get and we end up buying the wrong ticket which is really annoying because I always say to buy a ticket and they don’t and that ends up being the ticket we needed to get.


I saw people cheating the machine, I heard people talking in Japanese and I smelled smoke and gas (people were smoking and the subway smelled bad). The only reason I wrote that last sentence was because my mom told me to write about the five senses. (It also adds 60 words to my word count with this sentence included.)

Sean 😝


My parents are dragging me on this terrible trip.  We have to go to an elephant farm but elephants don’t grow on farms so I don’t get it, can somebody please tell me what’s going on?

Also it’s an elephant farm but there are cats and dogs there and THAT doesn’t make sense. There are 34 elephants there and you have to bathe them ALL and they smell like (well let’s not go there, carry on)…

The elephant farm is about protecting elephants from work and from giant bloody hooks called bull hooks.  So if the elephants don’t follow the trainer, they might get bullied with giant bull hooks.

This is everywhere but at elephant farms (unless they literally farm the elephants for food).


5 thoughts on “Sean’s POV

  1. Hi Sean! I’m enjoying reading your blog posts! Of course you were right about the tickets (duh)…when will your parents understand this?? 🙂

  2. Sean, I especially liked the post on Luang Prabang. Now that I am home it was fun to read and remember! But……your post on the Tokyo subway made me laugh! Post some more!

    Miss you…

  3. Sean, I can totally get how you are the only one who knows how to buy a subway ticket. that kind of thing is one of your strengths. I think Papa and I have to take you on our trips! We certainly would have an easier time with the transportation issues!

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