9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Rachel and Family – What a beautiful experience you are about to embark on. Thank you for inspiring all of us with your adventure. Peace and All Things Good.

  2. Rachel – waiting to read about your first impressions. Hope it is going great.
    Best, Tracy from SSC.

  3. Well, here you go! We’re so proud of all 4 of you. What a wonderful adventure. As mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who all love you, we’re scared too. We don’t even know of what, just that you’re heading into unknown territory, unknown to you, unknown to most of us & scary to those of us waiting behind for your safe return. At the same time, we admire your courage, your sense of adventure, the amazing gift of knowledge & awareness of other peoples & cultures that you’re giving to your children & yourselves – the gift of a lifetime of understanding wrought no other way than immersion. We’re also jealous & envious that we’re not doing the same or didn’t think to give this amazing exploration & adventure to our own children. So sally forth, Greenleys (as Kyle’s Aunt Molly would say) You’re savvy & smart & the people you meet, rest assured, will be better for having known you because you’ll be the kind of ambassadors our country so sorely needs RTW. Have a ball, ride the elephants twice for all of us and enjoy every tired minute. You’re together and the moments you share this year will last for a lifetime. We’ll all be praying that every step you take is sound and true, that you are filled with joy with every new face you meet, every new sight you see, every experience you share. We wish you smooth sails, no tangled lines, lots of laughter along the way. Seattle will miss you as will we all. We’re so excited, so proud to know ya-
    hugs to you all, Uncle Don & Aunt Pat

    • How kind, Pat & Don! We’re grateful to have AMAZING family support. We’ll stay safe & I imagine we’ll be returning stronger & more grateful for our lives & wonderful extended family!

    • Johanna, great to see you here! I imagine your family is getting geared up for ski season…we’ve been researching Zell am See…if you have any tips, let us know! 🙂

  4. Sean and Julia,
    I just realized you were posting. Keep it up. Sean, your writing style is kind of fun and tongue in cheek…keep the humor coming and don’t view writing as a chore…it is your chance to have the stage and have a strong opinion and voice. Let it rip! I love hearing your views.
    Julia, your photos are AMAZING! your are 11! It is so cool. I think you got this talent from me! You have a real eye. I love love the one of you with the camera and the blue. I downloaded it! Miss you both. See you in Argentina babies! Memere

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