Road Schooling

Reading in Venice

Reading in Venice

How does one road school? My 1st lesson in road schooling is persistence…it has yet to pay off.

Here is my experience thus far:
• Reached out to Advanced Placement office, referred to school principals.
• Contacted said school principals, referred to Home Schooling Association.
• Contacted Home Schooling Association, referred to Seattle Public Schools curriculum office.
• Contacted curriculum office, referred to Advanced Placement office….wait, I’ve been there before!

Not sure what will be more challenging: nailing down the curriculum the kids need to keep up or teaching them algebra. (Oh who am I kidding, we all know what will be more challenging!)

I am excited about the “freestyle” curriculum that I get to create – how cool will it be to read Goodbye Vietnam while living in Hanoi or to study glacier formation while trekking across the Perito Moreno in Patagonia?

Suffice it to say it won’t just be two 6th graders being road schooled – clearly Kyle and I will be learning too.

4 thoughts on “Road Schooling

  1. I hope you soon come to a stopping point in your run-around. I suspect you’d find the same (or at least similar) problem in every state. But…persevere. I suspect the rewards will equal or surpass your efforts.

    • Jackie and Memere, I received good advice this week — that I need to build a plan for the schools to react to vs expecting them to guide me. Another good nugget was to pay a math tutor who works in the school system a small amount to lay out the curriculum. Smart!

  2. I think you were given excellent advice – on both counts. You may, however, want to check with the principals at the kids’ schools to see what/if any the protocol is for students who will one day return to their schools and will want (and rightfully so) to continue on with their same-age peers. Chances are it won’t be any problem, but as I’m sure you know – “consulting” ahead of time works better than “informing” after the fact. Keep us posted on how all of this works out.

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