Siblings: Friends or Foes?

How are you really feeling? (by S&J's memere)

How are you really feeling? (by S&J’s memere)

Somewhere along the way, S & J — who shared my belly and then a crib for months on end, who shared a room and were best playmates for years – somewhere along the way, they fell into sibling stereotypes.  The annoying brother and the “oh please, I’m so much more mature” sister.  It seems they only forget the parts they are playing and become buds again when just the four of us are on vacation together.  They let their roles slip away and become each other’s playmate once again.

I have no illusions…there will be times on the road when all four of us are foes.  However, here’s hoping to many more times building a strong friendship and mutually respect for each other.

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