Coffee, Oh How I Love Thee

That blessed morning ritual – how will it look from the road?

A rtw trip based on good coffee might swing through Java, Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Alas, we’re not hitting any of those countries (this time!).

Thankfully, the countries on our itinerary love coffee as much as we do! Part of our cultural journey will be found in our morning cup of joe – enjoying high octane coffee sweetened with condensed milk in Vietnam, seeking a Nescafe alternative in Chile, and exploring the dozens of vended options in Japan.

At home, it’s single press, by the cup. And it’s delicious. But I think we can all agree that taste is influenced by its surroundings. That’s why fondue is so good on a Switzerland ski slope or why a caipirinha simply tastes better on a beach in Brazil. It’s in the language, colors, sounds…the vibe of your environment as you take that sip or bite.

We’ll be drinking in a lot more with each cup of coffee.

our morning ritual

our morning ritual

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