Ode to Salzburg

While we are currently in Argentina, I can’t give the shaft to Salzburg by not sharing our experience in Mozart’s birthplace.

Mozartplatz, City View, & the Ultimate Job...Horse Pooper Scooper

Mozartplatz, City View, & the Ultimate Job…Horse Pooper Scooper

From country to city to town, we are always asking “Would we come back?”  Salzburg is a resounding yes. Not only is the city our “perfect population” — 150,000 — it delivers on quaint feel with modern amenities.  Visiting in January takes nerve.  Perhaps it’s easy to join a Sound of Music tour the day of, but you’ll miss basking in the sun on wide stretches of green grass that meet up with the mountains surrounding Salzburg.  There is a picnic lunch and a good book in my future, perhaps during the shoulder season.

We spent a brief four nights in a wonderfully eclectic apartment built into the stone mountain on Lindergasse.  Of course, the refrigerator froze our food and a mildew problem was in full effect due to a burst pipe, but that is the life with Airbnb.


There’s much made of the American obsession with The Sound of Music…people will tell you haughtily that Austrians have never heard of the Von Trapp Family.  Judging by the multiple two story tour buses with Julie Andrews blown up mug, I believe that time has passed.  The kids and I cozied up one night to watch the movie and imagine my glee when they actually enjoyed it.

We did the tour with Panorama the next day and while entertaining, it makes for a long day.  I recommend only doing it with a dozen obsessed, slightly inebriated fans who will unabashedly sing all of the songs as you drive.  Our group was a bit reserved, whispering the songs quietly.

All things Maria!

All things Maria!

The Rick Steve’s walking tour was an easy way to explore the city.  Rumor was of a thick snow and it eluded us so we could enjoy exploring the city on foot.  The homage to Mozart is everywhere, understandably.  There are numerous free concerts throughout the city, even in winter, but the creme de la creme is the summer Salzburg Festival, which is quite the opposite of free.

Scenes around town

Scenes around town

We of course partook in the local foods, both sweet and savory Tylorean style.  Mozart Balls (yes) were on sale everywhere for obliging tourists…chocolate and pistachio truffles.  We visited a few würstleständes for sausage sandwiches that we ate while shivering in the cold.  Our best discovery was a date night evening in a cozy bar with simply the best cocktails we’d had in many months, small bites and great conversation with the other clientele.  I complimented a gentleman on his scarf (clearly a replica of the U.S. flag) and he shared that he recently became engaged to a Californian and the scarf was a gift from his daughter.

Stumbling upon a church concert, the much recommended Fredrich's, Human Chess & the Love Bridge

Stumbling upon a church concert, the much recommended Fridrich’s, Human Chess & the Love Bridge

There’s so much in Salzburg we didn’t do….Mozart’s house, the salt mines, the Hohensalzburg Fortress. All the more reason to go back!

13 thoughts on “Ode to Salzburg

  1. The Austrians have “never heard from the Von Trapp family,” but there’s a huge blow-up on the bus? Strange. I have enjoyed ALL of your posts and will hate to see the “around the world” travelogue end.

  2. Very interesting and entertaining description. Makes me even more want to visit and I have wanted to visit this whole area for a long time.

    • I think you would love the cathedral churches here…well, all through Europe…you can sit silently and feel hundreds of years of otherworldly energy. I found it an emotional experience.

  3. One of my all time favorite movies. We watched it my four year old niece recently and couldn’t believe she sat through it and sang from it the rest of the day.
    Hope to connect when you return. Ryan is back from Thailand and has many photos and stories

  4. How wonderful to hear from your “other” mother! What a joy it must be for you to be sharing this together and fill her basket to the brim with “bagels”! We are sooooooo jealous! How we will hate to hear your Eagle has landed! This trip has been amazing for all us fans back in the states and how exciting to RTW vicariously (and how INEXPENSIVE for us : ) We wish you all the happiest of trails and sunshine all the way home –
    Hugs to you all,
    Uncle Don & Aunt Pat

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